A Priori

19 November – 19 December, 2010

60 N6th Street
Brooklyn, NY

“’From what comes before’: Elise Adibi’s paintings treat certain material facts as prerequisite, conditions of procedural constraint. The weave of canvas provides the fundamental grid, for instance, and so manifests the fundamentally abstract order intrinsic to any painting. In a number of recent pieces the color of raw canvas has induced recourse to canvas-colored paint, too. But a priori conditions, whether set by materials or by the artist herself, are rarely predictive. Aleatory marks, smudges or slips, register as no less important here than the elaboration of the canvas’s surface according to the strictures of mathematical pattern. These marks of the hand are examples not of what may be inherent to such a surface but rather of what may be inevitable to it—examples of ‘what comes during.’

Meanwhile, ‘from what comes later’: If the a priori bespeaks all possible experience, the a posteriori bespeaks the vagaries of actual experience. Indeed, experience accrues to these paintings, as conspicuously flat as they are. The light is different today from yesterday; tomorrow adjacent colors, continuing to act upon one another, will create a sudden, shimmering third. No two encounters disclose the same work, which proves to be both the reality and the realism of Adibi’s abstractions. A painting derives from a set of fixed terms but then reveals itself as too live, too full of the capacity for change, to fix the terms of our own perceptual capacities.” –Kate Nesin