December 11, 2014 – January 25, 2015

143b Orchard Street

Louis B. James is pleased to present Substance, the first solo show with the gallery by Elise Adibi. We present 12 new works, a combination of gold, monochromatic, striped and poured paintings, in a meditative setting, inviting the viewer to spend reflective time within the installation.

The gold is used both as color and 24-karat leaf. It does not tarnish when exposed to the elements. It was the standard that backed our dollar as well as the material used for our most precious objects. It is valued for its permanence. Within the gold paintings, Adibi has continued her use of organic materials, mixing essential plant oils with paint, including frankincense, neroli, myrrh, turmeric, lemon and others.

Through the monochrome, stripe and pour pieces Adibi plays with compositional strategies, displacing preordained picture making. Varying in appearance, the same material substances comprise each type of painting. The grid remains a mainstay. Adibi’s grids are not made of perfectly straight lines and 90-degree angles; rather they are embodied. There is an insistence on the hand – erasures, finger marks and imperfections are present.