Green Paintings

Green Paintings are made with a color green that is the complimentary color to the “pink” latent in the raw canvas. Raw canvas is a beige color, but when this color green is applied, it produces the afterimage of pink. While at Columbia, I had a studio with copper windows that slightly colored the light. In this studio, I started to see green in the light, adding green to my white in response. It wasn’t until a year later, when I no longer was in this studio that I realized the green in the light was being caused by the copper windows. This green has a necessary connection to the raw canvas as its compliment, and yet I discovered it through the chance circumstance of having that particular studio. Discovering this green color made me think of Kant, and the “a priori” conditions of our perception. The green is not turning the canvas pink “in itself, “ rather it “appears” pink to us because of the way we perceive color. The pink is not “in” the painting; it is “in” us.